ANSI ASTM 3+1 Core Aluminum Service Drop Cable 600V PE / XLPE Insulation

600V PE / XLPE Insulation Aluminum Conductor Service Drop Cable 1+1 Core



1. Application of Service Drop Cable :


Service Drop Cable(ABC CABLE) are mainly used for electric power tranmission, rebuiding of urban and forest regions. They can improves safety and reliance of electrified wire netting.


2. Type of Service Drop Cable:


Service Drop Cable(ABC CABLE) covers mainly three types:

Duplex Service Drop

Triplex Service Drop

Quadruplex Service Drop


The cable can be produced whose construction is phase conductor with neutral bare conductor or phase conductor with insulated neutral conductor , etc. And we can still produce the cables according to the request of customers.


3. Detaild Introduction of Quadruplex Service Drop Cable


3.1 Application:

To supply 120/220V aerial service for tem service at construction sites, as a service drop (power pole to service entrance) as a secondary cable (Pole to pole), or street lighting. For service at 600V or lower at a maximum conductor temperature of 75℃ for polyethylene insulated cables or 90℃ for XLPE Insulation.

3.2 Construction:

Conductor type: Aluminum 1350-H19, 6201-T81 or ACSR conductor
Number of core: 3+1 core

3.3 Characteristic:

Rated Voltage: 600V or lower
Test Voltage: AC 3000V/1Min
Maximum conductor operating temperature: PE Insulation conductor 75℃
                                                                              XLPE Insulation conductor 90℃
Color of insulation: Black and customer designated

3.4 Standard:

ANSI/ICEA S-76-474 Neutral-supported power cable assemblies with weather-resistant extruded insulation rated 600V

ASTM B-230 Aluminum wire, 1350-H19 for Electrical Purposes

ASTM B-231 Aluminum conductors, concentric lay-stranded

ASTM B-232 Aluminum conductor, concentric-lay-stranded, coated steel-reinforced(ACSR)

ASTM B-399 Concentric-lay-stranded 6201-T81 aluminum alloy conductor

ASTM B-498 Zinc-Coated steel core wire for ACSR

4. Drawing:
ANSI ASTM 3+1 Core Aluminum Service Drop Cable 600V PE / XLPE Insulation


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